What about Semi-Custom Ear Moulds – do we sell them?  No we don’t. 

I have tried semi-customs and find that they do not provide enough sound dampening as compared to other models.  I have found, as have a few other people, that the foam tip ear pieces provide a better seal than the semi-custom models.  Unless you are prepared to go to a full custom ear piece, I would recommend you stick with the foam tips – why spend the extra money!

Do you sell Custom Ear Moulds?  No we don’t.  However we can recommend a company that can take your existing setup and put them into a set of full custom moulds.  I have tried these and they work great, are comfortable and provide extra noise protection. 

We can refer you to clinics in Barrie, Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga, or stop by any hearing aid or audiology clinic and they will likely be able to do a mould for you and have your ear pieces placed into them.  

Give us a call or shoot us an email if you want the contact info.