These instructions are only a guideline for installing your helemt kit.  If you find something a little better, or better suits your needs, by all means feel free to change any or all steps.  Just try to be sure your cables are secure, the boom is good and sturdy, and that the microphone is pretty much up against your mouth.

First off, decide which side you want the harness connection on – left or right.

Pull back the inner liner of the helmet so you have room to insert the helmet kit boom and cables. 

Take an exacto knife and cut a small slit between the liner and the chin bar material, just big enough to slide the plug through.

Slide the connector and cables through the slit

Position the microphone so that it just touches your lips.  This is important because if it’s too far away from your mouth,  your crew will get a lot of background noise and will most likely not be able to make out what you are saying.

Place one of the clamps around the flex boom near the cable end, then drill a 1/8″ hole and rivet the clamp to the helmet – be sure to use a washer on the clamp side to keep it secure.

Roll the cables to the outside and drill a 1/8″ hole to clamp the cables in place

Take a little dab of hot glue to hold the liner back in place and keep everything nice and tidy.